ImprintPictures seen on this site are made by the site-owner with all rights reserved, beside of the following ones:

River Rhine in Basel, Switzerland: Tambako the Jaguar under Creative Commons License (CCL)

Cruise-ship Travelmarvel Jewel in Cologne, Cologne cathedral and Rhine river:  Rolf Heinrich, Köln (CCL)

River Rhine in Düsseldorf: Dirk Hartung (CCL)Heidelberg panorama: R∂lf Κλενγελ (CCL)

Heidelberg castle over the city: pasukaru76 (CCL)
Ehrenbreitstein fortress: corsi photo (CCL)
Cabinlift over Rhine connecting Koblenz-centre with the Ehrenbreitstein fortress : luc1102 (CCL)
The Sonata Rhine-cruiseship in Koblenz: Twydallaer (CCL)
Carnival-parade in Mainz: Wolfgang Jung (CCL)
Some river-boats waiting for passengers in Mainz: HEN-Magonza (CCL)
Famous Drosselgasse in Rüdesheim: Jac. Janssen (CCL)
Niederwald-Memorial near Rüdesheim, Panoramic view over the Rhine river and Rüdesheim: nikoretro (CCL)
A picturesque Strasbourg: Fr Antunes (CCL)
River Rhine in Strasbourg: .tungl (CCL)
Bacharach and Stahleck castle: roger4336 (CCL)


The famous Loreley, Stolzenfels castle near Koblenz: Polybert49 (CCL)

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