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The romantic Rhine valley

Have you ever visited the romantic Rhine valley? The area south of Koblenz is called with this catchy name. One reason for that was the moment when the “Mittelrheintal” (cenhtral Rhine valley) became UNESCO world heritage, and the local authorities try to make use of this very welcome award.

For a variety of historical reasone, the density of castles and palaces is extremly high in the romantic Rhine valley, some say it would top any other region in all over Europe. And it is difficult to find a place where there is no such historical building to see.

New Header-Graphic: Picturesque Rhine valley

You certainly may have noticed that we are brushing up our site a bit (still not finished). Yesterday we included a new so-called “header-graphic” on top. It is not totally authentic since our designer combined buildings from both Rhine and Mosel to create a nice scenario. However, this is about what you can expect if you visit the area, in particular the upper-Mosel and Rhin-valley from Koblenz ond southwards to Mainz.

Rhine-Mosel information for tourists

Hello folks,

Rhine Mosel is a River area in Western Germany. Though there are not to many resources about this beautiful landscape on the web I thought I could be useful to start with a blog about this two popular tourist destinations.

River Rhine (in German: Rhein) and river Mosel (also written:  Moselle) have a long history of tourism. OK, maybe the Roman empire did not invade this area for such purposes: However, at the time of the Romanticism in the early century,  more and more British “invaded” the area, but in a friendly way. Mosel and Rhine stood for nature, wine, castles, mistery and so on. Very popular in these days, and still today!

So what can you expect here? First of all let me say, that I am always interested in content from friendly people who have something to tell the world about Rhine and Mosel. Just leave a comment, or if you are very enthusiastic, ask me about posting you article on this website. If you have pictures: great – the more the better.

Well, I think that is enough for my opening words. So I am looking forward to see you from time to time on

Economic crisis and tourism in Germany

How is the global economic crisis affecting German tourism? Or tourism in Europe in general? With beginning of July the French gouvernment introduced a new law which has a tourist-dimension: VAT-tax for restaurants has been decreased substantially.  From the norm of 19,6 percent to now only 5,5 percent.

There is no such measure in Germany on the agenda at the moment, but the struggeling hotel- and restaurant-business is trying to attract foreign visitors attractive travel-packages which offer more value.

Another trend is that more and more German tourists spend their holiday inside their own country. So in fact the traditional tourist destinations such as Italy and Spain and also Greece are learning a bitter lessons in theses times, teaching them how addicted their economies are from a constant inflow of foreign tourists, i.e. visitors from mostly Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.