Cochem / Mosel

The city of Cochem is certainly one of the have-tos for every sound river Mosel-trip. Cochem is ctually quite a small town of less than 10.000 inhabitants, but with a picturesque city-center. And on top of a hill Cochem castle (which is actually a romantic 19th century retro-building) welcomes visitors from all over the world and is a popular spot for wedding’s. Here are some pictures:

Cochem with it's famous castle on top.
Cochem with it’s famous castle on top.
Cochem castle - main entrance from inside
Cochem castle – main entrance from inside
City of Cochem / Mosel
City of Cochem / Mosel

So do not miss to visit Cochem at river Mosel once you are around. It is located on half way between Koblenz and Trier and easy to reach by train.

Economic crisis and tourism in Germany

How is the global economic crisis affecting German tourism? Or tourism in Europe in general? With beginning of July the French gouvernment introduced a new law which has a tourist-dimension: VAT-tax for restaurants has been decreased substantially.  From the norm of 19,6 percent to now only 5,5 percent.

There is no such measure in Germany on the agenda at the moment, but the struggeling hotel- and restaurant-business is trying to attract foreign visitors attractive travel-packages which offer more value.

Another trend is that more and more German tourists spend their holiday inside their own country. So in fact the traditional tourist destinations such as Italy and Spain and also Greece are learning a bitter lessons in theses times, teaching them how addicted their economies are from a constant inflow of foreign tourists, i.e. visitors from mostly Germany, the UK, the Netherlands and Scandinavia.

The romantic Rhine valley

Have you ever visited the romantic Rhine valley? The area south of Koblenz is called with this catchy name. One reason for that was the moment when the “Mittelrheintal” (cenhtral Rhine valley) became UNESCO world heritage, and the local authorities try to make use of this very welcome award.

For a variety of historical reasone, the density of castles and palaces is extremly high in the romantic Rhine valley, some say it would top any other region in all over Europe. And it is difficult to find a place where there is no such historical building to see.

Rhine valley near Koblenz (Coblence)

This picture shows the Rhine valley south of Koblenz. Koblenz is a city of litte more than 100.000 inhabitants where the river Mosel flows into river Rhine. At this very point is a monument called the “Deutsches Eck” (frankly translated: German corner) which is the main tourist attraction of the city.

Rhine valley near Koblenz
Rhine valley near Koblenz

This pictures gives you a good understanding of what the area is like from southern Mainz to Germany’s former capital of Bonn. The part south of Koblenz is for some kilometers called the “romantic Mittelrheintal” and as such a part of the UNESCO-heritage.

River Rhine

River Rhine (or Rhein in German, Rhin in French, Rijn in Dutch) is one of the most important rivers in Europe. Historically it is the basis of the Franconian Empire which followed the Roman empire to become the leading power of Europe. Out of the Franconian Empire, two nations emerged: France and Germany. Ever since River Rhine has been more or less the border between this two nations, and often enough wars were fought about who is to control River Rhins and thus Europe.

River Rhine has a length of 1320 kilometer which equals 820 miles.

River Rhine Map
River Rhine Map